Prepare For Your Headshot Photoshoot With These Style Tips

Style Tips For Headshots

Prepare For Your Photoshoot With These Helpful Style Tips:


  • Typically, it’s best to dress for the jobs you’d be doing most.
  • Try to avoid prints, graphics, and patterns. Logos are distracting.
  • If you decide to wear a colorful shirt/pants, I usually recommend something not too “saturated”. Think muted tones.
  • Pick colors that are complementary to, but also create contrast with your skin tone. If your skin is bright white, don’t pick a bright white shirt. A basic knowledge of color theory can help here.
  • Bring a few extra options. You may not use them, but it’s better to have them and not need it – than need it and not have it.
  • If you’re a model/talent, and you’re shooting digitals/revealing photos, wear loose fitting clothing on the day of the shoot. This will reduce any lines/wrinkles the clothes leave on your skin.


  • I recommend if it’s in your budget, to hire a professional experienced makeup artist. I can provide one (for a fee, they’re usually $100-$200), or you can use your own. They will also help provide makeup style tips.
  • If you don’t have the budget for a pro makeup artist, do your makeup how you’re comfortable normally doing it – just don’t go wild with colors. Again, soft muted tones are generally better.
  • While men generally don’t use much makeup for portrait sessions, you can if you’d like. Also, a bit of witch hazel on a towel will help remove oily skin if done 10 minutes or so before s shoot. Do not do this if you have makeup on.
  • If you choose to use a makeup artist through me, please allow at least a week of notice to book them. Be prepared to arrive at least one hour early.
  • Please arrive with a clean face (if getting makeup services), unless otherwise told to do so.


  • Hair styling can also be provided with makeup services if you choose to do so.
  • If you choose to do your own hair, please take care to tame as many stray hairs as possible. Be prepared to do it before and during the shoot.
  • Don’t drive to your shoot with your car windows open. Obviously.
  • If doing your own hair, do bring extra product and your styling tools in case of any touch-ups.

General Tips:

  • Drink lots of water the week before your shoot. This will help you prepare for your photoshoot by making your skin look fresher.
  • Come dressed to impress. Looking good will make you feel more confident, which will give you better photos.
  • Eat a mostly healthy diet for a week or two before. This will help your complexion, as well as your natural body shape.
  • Don’t go tanning like crazy. A bit of color is good, but nobody wants to look orange. One good sun tan or two trips to the tanning bed the week before should be plenty to give you color, don’t burn yourself though!
  • Prepare your mind too. Try not to be nervous. Looking at other photos you like for inspiration can help. Share them with your photographer before you show up.
  • Prepare for your photoshoot the same way you would any major event: Prepare the day before, get a good nights sleep and keep a positive attitude.

If you take the time to prepare for your photoshoot with some of these style tips, it will save you a ton of time the day of your shoot, and it will also save you a ton of hassle if some mistakes happen somehow. These tips don’t only apply to me as a photographer. If you ever need to prepare for your photoshoot with another photographer, they will likely ask similar things of you. The more you do to help yourself prepare for your photoshoot, the better it will be for you. I am always available to answer any questions related to your session and to give any guidance or help if you ever need it. Please click here to contact me and I’d be happy to help you prepare for your photoshoot in any way.

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