Real Estate Agent Headshot Photography

Tips to get the most out of your Realtor Photo

Are you a local Real Estate Agent in need of a new or updated headshot? Modern real estate headshots are often your first impression on a potential client in today’s digital market. Your real estate agent portrait should be authentic. I’ve compiled a list of some tips for you to use in your Real Estate Agent headshot photography. These tips will help you get the best real estate business card photos and the best realtor website photos.


Personal Tips For Your Real Estate Agent Headshot Photography:



 Fitted clothes, nothing too baggy

If you’re a realtor looking to make a good impression on new clients, you probably want to appear professional but also approachable. Wearing clothing that is too baggy in a photo can be very distracting. Your items don’t have to be ‘form fitted’, although it’s ok if they are; but they shouldn’t have too much extra fabric under the arms, around the waist or under the crotch/around thighs if wearing pants. Your realtor headshot will have a much better impression if people viewing it can get a good idea of who you are from it.





Keep jewelry to a minimum

Jewelry that is too noticeable can also be a distraction to the viewer. Large earrings, overly noticeable watches, bulky necklaces can all pull attention away from you, and potentially even leave a negative impression. That’s not to say all jewelry is bad, just do it minimally making sure it complements your wardrobe and photo. A simple watch or a simple pair of earrings are not too distracting. You don’t want people too focused on your accessories when viewing your real estate agent photo.




 Don’t wear complex patterns

Wearing complex patterns like plaid and bold stripes will often pull attention away from you. I usually recommend not wearing graphics or patterns and sticking to solid colors. This creates a neutral appearance, which is what you want. If you are getting realtor photos for business cards, wearing patterns might make your card seem “messy”. Solid colors or very simple and plain patterns or graphics usually create the best real estate agent headshot photography.




Simple, complimentary colors

Wearing a colorful shirt for your headshot can be fun and help you stand out, but not if it takes away from your overall portrait. Wearing colors that are slightly muted or not too saturated help you keep a neutral look and can help create a unique portrait. If you choose to wear a color, it’s best to choose a complimentary color. Blue is often a good color choice. Your wardrobe colors should be unique to you. Choosing what looks best on you will help your realtor headshot stand out. If you don’t know which color to go with, neutrals like black, white or gray are all great options. Pick what looks best on you.




Don’t overdo the makeup

This includes anyone who wears any type of makeup. Keep your makeup to a natural, minimal look. Having too much makeup on usually doesn’t look good in photos, especially your professional real estate agent headshot. Wearing too much makeup could make your headshot look “cakey”, which we don’t want. We want you to appear professional and approachable. It’s absolutely ok to wear some though, especially if you wear it daily. Just try to keep the bold makeup to a minimum to get the best looking headshot.




Styling Tips On How To Prepare For A Business Headshot Photoshoot


Posing Tips For Your Real Estate Headshot Photography:



To squinch in your headshot is to slightly squint. Some people have called it ‘smizing’. The idea is to ever so slightly squint, which creates an engaging look. It helps grab a viewers attention by adding a mood to the photo. It creates interest in the eyes and also helps from eyes looking too big.

Shift weight/Lean in

If you are standing, you can shift your weight onto one leg, which will help you have a naturally complementary posture and stance. If you are sitting (or sometimes standing), leaning in slightly can help you look more approachable. Let whichever realtor headshot photographer you choose help to direct you and find what looks best for you.

Chin down (just a bit though)

Pushing your chin down just a bit will bring your face a bit closer into the camera. Pushing it down too much can look funny. You don’t want it to go down too much. Try to look straight on with your face, and bring your chin down about 5° from there.

Slight smile

For those that have a hard time with smiling in photos (which is a more common thing than you’d think), instead of having a big toothy smile, try having a slight smile with relaxed lips. You don’t really have to show teeth, but you should have a bit of a grin. Not smiling in photos can sometimes make the person seem standoffish, which is not the impression you want from your real estate portrait.


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