Here are our Photo packages per individual:

$150 - 1 headshot only. Only 1 outfit. Includes basic retouching.
$200 - 2-4 photos, 1 headshot & 1 wider angle. Only 1 outfit. Includes basic retouching.
$250 - 4-6 photos. 2-3 headshots, 2-3 wider angle (or mix & match). 2 outfits allowed. Includes basic retouching.
$400 - 6-8 photos. 3-4 headshots, 3-4 wider angle (or mix & match). 3 outfits allowed. Includes basic retouching.

Retouching services:

Basic retouching is included with all photos. This includes file processing, color correction, cropping, and small blemish removal (such as a pimple, small scar, etc...).

Advanced retouching starts at $35/image. If you are a model or talent, or are represented by a talent agency, you most likely will need advanced retouching. Most business owners and corporate professionals will be satisfied with the basic retouching provided. Here are some of the things that fall under advanced retouching: Stray hair removal, skin softening, removing multiple blemishes, eye retouching, color changes, wrinkle removal, liquify, etc...

If you come prepared, you can avoid most of these issues. Please read my style tips guide to help you become more prepared for your photos.

**If you are a company, and you have several people that need headshots, we will give you a discount if you have 5 or more people ready on the same day. The more people you sign up, the larger the discount. Please contact for more info.**

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