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Modern Real Estate Headshots That Match Your Brand

Here's something to think about when updating your realtor headshots. It's likely going to appear everywhere. Your broker's website. Your website. LinkedIn. Emails. All social media platforms. Signs. Print advertising. Business cards. Letterheads. Since it will appear so many different places at all different times, it's more important than ever to make sure you're up to date with a high quality and professional realtor headshots. When looking for modern real estate headshots, it's important to remember the main subject, is you. You are what makes it modern. Instead of looking for the best realtor headshots, try looking for modern real estate headshots that fit your look and brand. Here is a list of thoughts and tips to help you get the most out of your professional headshot.



While it's not necessary, it definitely helps. Sometimes people want to look powerful and confident, and they end up looking angry and offsetting. Smiling helps you look more likable and approachable in your professional headshot. Showing a nice smile can make you appear more trustworthy, which can help get your relationship with your new clients started on the right path.


-Dress Appropriately

This should be a given. Your real estate agent headshots will likely be the first thing your prospective client sees of you. Firstly, dress for your brand. You should appear in your professional photos as you would in real life. You want to look clean though. Make sure your clothes are freshly pressed. Don't pick distracting patterns, and definitely steer clear of logos and graphics. I usually suggest solid colors that are somewhat muted and not too colorful. Black and white options are great too. Try to avoid distracting jewelry items, unless they add to your outfit. Also, make sure your clothes fit properly. This is your professional headshot, by the way. You should try to look your best. To really get a modern professional headshot, try to pick wardrobe options that fit with you, and with the current times; But also are timeless and relative to your brand image. If all else fails, think about buying a new fitted shirt. You can continue to use it for client meetings and other events. It'll be $20 well spent.


-Look Confident

Most people don't enjoy having their photo taken, myself included. It needs to be done though, so own the moment. Pushing your chin forward a bit can accentuate your jawline. Don't push too much though, just enough to add a little definition. Try a squinch (or smize, a.k.a smiling with the eyes). This is where you have an ever so slight squint in your eyes, and I mean ever so slight. Giving a slight grin with these tips can help you appear more confident in your professional real estate agent headshots.



I know it's tough, but try not to get too worked up about your headshot. If you are anxious, it may show up in your photos. Take an extra few minutes before your session and take some deep breaths. I may even have you take a couple deep breaths during the session if you are looking stiff or insecure. Breathing naturally helps relax your face, neck, and shoulders, which helps you look the best in your headshot.


-Sit Up Straight

Don't slouch. It appears unprofessional. Keep your back straight, it'll help you look more confident.


-Get Some Rest

Make sure to get plenty of rest and drink plenty of water for a few days before your headshot session. I know you workaholics will do what you do, but getting some extra rest before your shoot helps in several ways. Firstly, you look better. Lack of sleep can create baggy and droopy skin, especially around the eyes. Also, the extra rest will help your attitude, which in turn helps your confidence, which in turn helps your photo look better. Drinking plenty of water makes your skin look healthier and fresher too.


-Practice Your Poses

It doesn't have to be much, but taking a few minutes to look in the mirror and think about how you want to look in your professional headshot will help tremendously. Chin up? Chin down? Head tilted? Knowing what you like and how to achieve it helps your photo session run smoother, and you don't risk burning yourself out trying to find the perfect look. I'm not asking you to Vogue here, just to think about how you want to appear.


-No Props

Just no. Not for this. I've yet to see any modern real estate headshots I liked that involved props. 😉


-Try To Make a Personal Connection With Your Expression

Make direct eye contact. Show the whites of your eyes. Hold nothing back. While you may feel vulnerable, your headshot "feels" better when it has soul and intention. This is what will really give you a modern headshot, because you are creating a connection before you even meet.


It's very important that you are using up to date, modern real estate headshots.  Your headshot should help you connect with your clients. You can read some of our tips to prepare for your headshot, which can help you get ready and get the most out of your modern real estate headshots. Check out our portfolio of professional headshots to see how we can help you look your best. Please feel free to contact us to get more info about photo sessions, and to see how we can help you.


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